Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones's Baby: Unfortunately much later I recovered "Bridget Jones's Baby". Bridget Jones is always a confirmation. Although many years have passed from the second chapter of this saga, this character still makes me laugh!


The story with Mr. Darcy is over. Mr. Darcy has already married another woman. Bridget is a career woman, is a producer of a TV show. However made his forty years, is still one. Her colleague and friend Miranda decides to involve her in weekend of music, alcohol and fun! Bridget in a great scene in the mud knows Jack, with whom she spent a pleasant night hot.

The following weekend Bridget meets Mark Darcy, who claims to have separated from his wife. Even with him she goes a moment of passion. However, she makes it just the failure of a moment and does not try to re-open the relationship now over.


The pregnancy comes to mess up all her plans

Bridget finds herself pregnant and does not know who the father is. Among a series of gags  the struggle between the two suitors begins. The style is always that of the previous films, but the end is a bit disappointing and uninspired. Overall the film is not bad, is perfectly in line with the other two films. I sincerely hope they do not do a sequel.  😀 




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