Mini Gluten-free quiche

Mini gluten-free quiche: With La Brisée Gluten-Free Buitoni I have prepared delicious starters, which are prepared in just a few minutes!

Brisé pastry

Brisé pastry: The brisé pastry dough is a classic of French cuisine. Learn how to prepare thanks to my recipe. It will be very useful in many cases!

Arancini with orange

Arancini with orange: I reinvented classic Sicilian arancini and would be great as an appetizer. Try them for the New Year’s Eve!

Hamburger with paprika pesto

Hamburger with paprika pesto: do you want a sandwich? you’re in the right place! I created a hamburger that will surprise you. Try it!

Risotto with ham and melon

Risotto with ham and melon: the post on Cibus 2016 I had talked about the Acquerello rice, here I used for a whole new risotto.

Seafood linguine

Seafood linguine : I tried the linguine Monograno Felicetti in a typical dish of my land.