Casual style with the sky blue

Casual style with the sky blue: September with your busy schedule and objectives wears sky blue to express serenity. See my latest outfits.
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Hello boys and girls!

The words don’t always come out smoothly, but sometimes you have to look for them, stop a moment and reflect. I watched for a few minutes on the computer screen thinking about what I wanted to write in this post. I had writer’s block. It can happen often.

Today is the first day of autumn and I couldn’t be happier.

Sky blue as the serenity

I love this season and I hope that this year I enjoy as much as possible. I chose the sky blue because for me represent the serenity, the one that I always try and now I want to especially strongly. Those who follow me on social know I’m about to graduate and I can assure you that this is really a time I would call, full of activities. I don’t give! 😀 Indeed I tell you that I have in mind a lot of new stuff!

September is a month of projects and ideas. On September you can define a new year. It is in this month that is really designs for the future. In this sense I think that January is overvalued. Maybe I’m still sticking to the concept of the school year and I can’t abandon it. However it is a month in which I never really ended nothing, but in fact I have started something.

In fact, I recently started going to the gym and an idea popped into my head, that is getting back on a diet. I admit, this morning I weighed. 🙁  This has led to all those false targets that in September everyone’s mind: the diet, sport, etc. But I also this time I believe it!

For this outfit I chose a dress that lately I wore often. The dress is simple and elegant, it is useful for every occasion. I paired with the Stradivarius blue shoes. Look at the pictures and tell me what you think.














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