Long black dress

Long black dress: an elegant and sensual dress, to wear for an evening event preferably.

Red to change

Red to change: we are always attached to our habits, to get to live like robots. Changing helps to grow.

Palazzo Borghese

Palazzo Borghese: A unique place where everything becomes magical and the past returns to the present reality.

Graduation party

Graduation party: Today I show you what I’ve decided to wear for my graduation party.

Graduation session

Graduation session: Last month, precisely on October 17, I graduated in Humanities. Check out my outfit!

The last month

The last month: did you miss me? Come and find out what happened last month and my last outfit.

Casual style with the sky blue

Casual style with the sky blue: September with your busy schedule and objectives wears sky blue to express serenity. See my latest outfits.