Red to change

Red to change: we are always attached to our habits, to get to live like robots. Changing helps to grow.
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Hello boys and girls! Are you coming? I hope all is well.

I still do not believe it is the summer season that is over that we are already October. I love October, which is always tinged with orange. For me autumn is always a period of rebirth, of change. This year more than ever. I had a wonderful holiday, especially Dubrovnik, and so on. Never like this year I am making important decisions that will revolutionize my life and who will make me happier. Those who follow me on Instagram have already seen my change of look.

It is said that those who change cutting, change life. WE’LL SEE!

Below I have included some shots that I did with the dress I chose for the red party organized by the company I work for: a long, soft and above all comfortable! The dress is from Club L and I bought it on ASOS.

What do you say I made the right choice? Let me know what you think.

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