It’s just a love story

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Hello boys and girls!

Today I want to talk about a novel that I really liked: “It’s just a love story”. I found this book by chance in a hypermarket, I was looking for an escape reading, something simple, I thought it was the classic romance novel. Normally pink literature is not among my first choices, but I was looking for a bit of romance, let’s face it not always life gives joy and in dark times a bit of romance is all there.

Aidan Tyler, a journalist who won the Pulizer award with his first novel, is experiencing the writer’s crisis: she has been unable to write her novel for five years. He comes across Laurel, a very prolific writer of romance novels. However Aidan hates the romance novel, but will soon find himself using a bet to have to write a romance novel. Both will begin to write the same story with two different points of view. The relationship between both is getting closer and closer to each other so much that for Aidan Laurel she becomes a muse necessary to create the creative flow for the novel.

The novel is a metaromanzo that makes us reflect on the rose genre and re-evaluates it. Initially, the rose is devalued by Aidan, which then begins to give value to the genre as he writes.

The point of view changes from chapter to chapter, passing from Laurel to Aidan’s narration. The creation of the novel by both is intertwined with their personal story so much to make the reader think that the novel he is reading is just the one written by the same characters.

The book is to be read in one breath. I only say that I had the pleasure of finishing the reading of this novel reading it aloud on the beach in the company of my colleague Mary, the kind that we were lying on the sand until the closing of the bathing beach. It is a story that takes its own simplicity and freshness.

I advise you to read it!

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