OBSESSION: violence, sex and passion. A story full of twists, suspense and emotions.
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Hello boys and girls!

Today I’m talking about a new book that I’ve been interested in and I’m currently reading: “OBSESSION” by Megan L. Collins.

I casually knew this author. She is an author who has made herself known through social networks and publishes through Amazon’s self publishing. An omnivorous reader who prefers romances, dark romances, fantasy, dramatic stories. She gets so much in his protagonists so much to cry with them. Known for “Just A Moment To Find Out”, “I Can not Lose”, “The Impact of Sin” and “Darkness – Sin Returns” then merged into a single duet “Sin and Darkness” and “Marcus” this month with “Derek”.

Here I put an extract of “The effect of sin”:

  “Part of me was approaching Christopher, I was fond of him, even though I did not want to admit it to myself either. He had an intense look that paralyzed me, and there was something in that man, which shocked me deeply, I was attracted to it. A violent whirlwind was overwhelming me, she could break down that wall I had erected, and that made me afraid, made me vulnerable. “

From these words it is clear that his novels are full of passion, sex and perdition.

“OBSESSION “ immediately conquered me. The story tells of two strangers, Meg and Gil, who share the passion for writing. The two are acquainted with a major publisher who has hired them. By continuing the pages everything changes from strangers to become friends, from friends to lovers. Violence, sex and passion are the key elements that mark and outline the whole story.

I suggest you buy it and read it all in one breath.


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