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AMO ESSERE BIOLOGICO: New new organic products all to be discovered!
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Hello boys and girls!
Today I want to talk about some of the products I’ve tried and that I feel is very valid. The products are part of the Amo Essere Biologico line of Eurospin. In another post I had already talked about some Eurospin products from the Veg (Fior di Natura) line, now I can discover the biological world you can find in these supermarkets.
This line of products focuses the attention of the consumer on environmental respect and sustainability. In addition, these products aim at a safer diet without affecting spending, given the advantageous prices.
I’ve known this line of products from the rice balls I really fell in love with. I also tried the sprouts and corncakes, but those of rice remain my favorites. I was looking for something not too caloric that could break hunger between meals and I can safely say that I could not find it better. They are a great light and healthy snack between one meal and another of the day. At this time when I pay close attention to nutrition and follow a strict diet, I have been very helpful.
However, the line I Love Being Biological is very varied. In the gallery you can see how many products can satisfy the most varied palates.
I strongly recommend that you try them, not only for the good prices, but also and above all for their quality.


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