La nausea di Jean-Paul Sartre


Nausea: a book by Jean-Paul Sartre, a “philosophical” diary on the discomfort of the world in agony on the eve of the Second World War.

agnolotti al brasato

Braised Beef Agnolotti

Braised Beef Agnolotti: Braised Beef Agnolotti is a typical recipe of Piedmont cuisine. A slow recipe and suitable for the whole family.

Pasta choux Bignè

Choux pastry and Beignet

Choux Pasta and Beignet: The past choux is a basic recipe of pastry, a light and delicate pasta, used for profiterole, éclairs, zeppole.

On the washing machine

On the washing machine

On the washing machine Marco got closer and closer. Maria stepped back and touched the white bathroom tiles with her shoulders. They were freezing…



Custard: Eggs, milk, sugar, flour, few ingredients to make one of the most loved and known creams.