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Always follow your dreams, they only make mold in the drawer.
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I always thought that a dream was a privilege only for books and films and not for real life. Then I started trying and believing that we can do things we didn’t expect.


The year was 2016 and I was very happy!

It was crazy hot to be October, obviously there was the dappled axilla, the anxiety of a thousand, the fear of not remembering the speech of which perhaps I will have said a line since the discussion has become a real discussion, with questions not prepared and a totally new speech. However I kept an unprecedented fluency, getting the maximum score I could have.

I was happy and I am happy now to see that woman smile: a woman who has reached a goal despite everything and against everyone’s opinion.

All the people closest to me at the time of university enrollment would have liked me to enroll in Engineering or Mathematics. I tried the Medicina admission test just to please Dad, but in the end I celebrated not being passed for a while! And I hadn’t even opened a book after the state exams!

I was following the advice and I was enrolling in Engineering, but a week before the deadline for sending the application, I took all of them and signed up for Italian Literature. I didn’t want to find myself stuck in a life that wasn’t mine, I followed a dream, a passion.

After all, what is life without passion?

I graduated although no one believed that I would make it and thinking that for all that I was not taken. I am stubborn, actually very stubborn, when I undertake something I want to carry it out. Also in this case I reached the end of a path that obviously had its ups and downs.

Always believe in yourself and never let yourself be told that you can’t do it! Always strive to make your dreams come true and become the best version of yourself.

~ 10/17/2016 ~

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