2017: New Year’s resolutions

2017: New Year's resolutions: Read the list of my resolutions for the new year and see what I think of good resolutions.
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“New Year New Life!”. Sentence’ve heard, right? With the start of a new year often we repeat it like a mantra. Then we leave with a list of good intentions, not even if the year just ended we had made a list of crimes worthy of the worst crime of the century and we feel compelled to correct. In this way it begins that nice roundup of ideas, or rather the stupid things, that we hope to achieve, but in reality never achieve, inventing, then, a series of excuses about how we did not succeed.

From this point of view it seems that write good resolutions ports so a little bad luck. An idea of this kind I read reading the post of Memorie di Una Vagina: “Questione di Anti-propositi“. This has made me reflect on dell’inside out logic. And if she’s right? And if this year I will realize a list in reverse?

In fact, I have already given up on New Year’s Day to wear something red and eating lentils and the eel. I eat them every year, but all have the same story. Therefore this year I said “NO”. Nevertheless, the good intentions can not give up. Having a list to be respected I need to see. If not I see my objected, I feel lost.

My resolutions for 2017:


  1. Lose weight

I have now become a ball, but the most complicated thing is that lately are very messy with regard to the diet. I have no fixed times, I eat a lot of carbohydrates, I got used to junk food and I eat much more seasoned than usual. At a foodblogger it should not happen, but I tell you, that we are also human! We too have our “no periods”.

This year I will try to love me more!


  1. Playing sports

The problem is not just the diet. Last they have are very lazy. After I stopped playing volleyball, I started going to the gym, but have not been consistent. The gym for the truth boring. Volleyball gave me something to be achieved, it was a team effort and I enjoyed a lot. Now there is only the gym, well, everything is different. The physicist has suffered. I hope this year to get in line.


  1. Write more posts

I want to work harder in this project. I want to share more. Often I have many ideas, but few realize. Now that I have more time I have to spend on this site, I will work more.


  1. Get more followers

Assuming that have more followers does not mean that I want to buy them. I’m not a mad egocentric who loves being on the pedestal. Indeed, who knows me knows that until a few years ago I hated that I was made photos. However, most followers also means more profit. This is not to say that everything I do here I do it only for the money, but some money in your pocket is more convenient, especially in times of crisis. Many follow several bloggers and seeing their wonderful life without realizing that behind all that they see there is also the work, the effort and risk. Commit the time something like this hoping you bear fruit is like doing business: invest only to see the fruits after years.


  1. Be independent / find work

I think this is a good way that many of you, unfortunately, will share with me. After graduation, my goal is to insert myself into work and do it with my legs.


  1. Improve my English

Ok, I know, I say this every year, and then I do not commit. Sooner or later, or I follow a course or will release everything and start to travel the world. In fact …


  1. Travel

This year I want to make at least one trip. I would like to make a trip that will change me “inside”, that gives me an unforgettable experience. It does not have to be away, but I want a breath of fresh air. (I do not speak certain atmospheric temperatures since now out there are temperatures close to 0 ° C).


  1. Read 30 books

This year I want to read more. It is useless in this list based all good reasons why reading is good and I want to read more. Before I read a lot more before going to bed, lately including TV series and tiredness I read very little.


  1. Share more time with friends

The last year for the study blame too I overlooked the dearest friends and I’m really sorry. This year I want to devote more time to the suffering, the real ones, the ones that make you laugh, make you feel good even with simple gestures.


  1. Be happy

I see almost daily reminders that offers Facebook on my profile and I realized how much time I wasted no use to be unhappy, for how long have been sad and gloomy. Life is one and must be lived to the fullest! There is always time to weep and be sad. To change things you have to do different things. If we think we can suddenly be happy doing the same things wrong. My idea is that if things we do not like, if the life we’re living there does not seem to ours, we have to take risks and try to be what we want.

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