Cibus 2016 – part one

Cibus 2016 - part one: This year I had the pleasure of going to Cibus 2016 to 18 th International Food Exhibition.
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It was a magnificent experience! Small and large businesses are flanked between the stands, some really spectacular, during which they presented their products.

I tasted various delicacies, like a risotto with truffles prepared in a form of parmesan, peach salami and much more.

Almost every stand had a chef cooking on the spot, enhancing the company’s products.

In the pictures you can see the Acquerello event in which I participated. The Acquerello rice has special properties such that enable them to better maintain the cooking. In fact, during the event a risotto was prepared, using only a pot.

In a pot was brought to a boil the water, it was poured rice. Then during cooking it was added the oil and grated cheese. The rice was put into the boule and seasoned with saffron in the first, the second with the pesto and the last with the lemon peel. After a few minutes, in which the rice has absorbed the liquid, it was possible to taste it. The rice wasn’t at all overcooked, indeed it was very good. Obviously this type of cooking allows you to speed up and simplify the preparation of risotto.

This experience is made possible thanks to I Love Italian Food.

For those wishing more information about the rice Watercolor recommend you visit the website. ->

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