Carbonara of Alba Esteve Ruiz

Carbonara of Alba Esteve Ruiz: I tried to do the carbonara of this talented chef. The result was amazing! Try it you too!
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At Taste of Excellence in Rome which I attended last month, I had the chance to see cook Alba Esteve Ruiz, restaurant chefs “Marzapane” in Rome.

Alba Esteve Ruiz has prepared a wonderful carbonara! So following the directions that she gave during the cooking show I tried to reproduce it at home.

Carbonara of Alba Esteve Ruiz 


  • 200 g of spaghetti
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 120 g cheek lard
  • two handfuls of fresh pecorino romano
  • 1 handful of parmesan cheese
  • white wine
  • black pepper
  • salt

Remove the pork rind of the cheek and dice it. Put the cheek lard in a pan and cook over medium heat until the grease is no longer transparent.

Then with the help of a slotted spoon, remove the cheek from the pan leaving only the grease. Deglaze with white wine the grease. Remove from heat and let cool in a bowl so that when adding the eggs, these aren’t cook instantly.

In a saucepan pour plenty of water and bring to boil. Just it boils pour spaghetti and a pinch of salt.

Add to the cheek grease and wine yolks and mix well. Then add the pecorino and parmesan cheese, stirring constantly, without creating lumps. Add a little cold water in such a way that the cream becomes more fluid.

Put everything in a pan over medium heat. Add the pasta and mix with a movement from the bottom upwards. Then add the cheek lard and pepper.

After putting in the dish spaghetti with a spoon pour over a little cream, a sprinkling of cheese and pepper. And here you have the carbonara!


The carbonara recipe that I reported here is for two people.

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