The Scapegoat

The Scapegoat: the book is the first in a series that has always starring Malaussene.
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Hello guys! Today I come with a new reading!  :mrgreen: 

This summer I read a lot than in previous years. I wanted and looked for the most peaceful and relaxing holiday, where I could dedicate myself quietly reading.

Here I am, that I present a book which should be read in one breath: “The Scapegoat“. A book nothing short of overwhelming and especially a lot of fun.

The book is the first in a series that has always starring Malaussene.

Malaussene is apparently involved in the technical inspection at the Department Store, but actually scapegoat. Struggling with himself and his work, he will understand that to be a way of life, he makes us laugh from the very first pages. The basic story is a thriller, but little by little it is told with imagination and sympathy even from the same character. He is also the narrator in the narrative itself. Indeed Malaussene instead of the usual bedtime stories to his younger siblings prefer to invent other versions of the murders that affect the Department Store and see it always involved. The player is placed in a vortex to look killer. The fundamental problem however is not the murderess, but all the history that is behind these deaths. However, the reader only at the end of the book includes what really happened.

We are in a modern Paris, where the family is the master. The family, however, is now enlarged. And it’s the support staff of the character, even in its investigations. The old stereotypes of father and mother not questioned, but completely put aside. Everything revolves around Malaussene and one wonders why. Despite being the person in the family more psychologically “normal”, everything begins and ends with him always in the middle. What you could say a case of perpetual bad luck for this character.

Mysterious, ironic, passionate. Read it!



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