Giovanni Raspini, Italian craft jewelry from the 80’s

Giovanni Raspini, Italian artisan jewelery from the 80's: Today I am talking about these magnificent jewels, especially the P / E 2017 collection.
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Hello boys and girls! Today I want to show you the jewels that I like a lot. They made by Giovanni Raspini, a company that since the 80s produces jewelery in silver.


Collection S/S 2017

The Spring / Summer 2017 collection is fabulous! Every jewel seems to tell a story, experience, the essence of the person wearing it. You move from the minimalism of the Canal St serie to the super details of the Farfalle serie and that Fiore d’alba. My favorites are the Oceano serie, where the stones on the sea cobblestones and the silver ramifications take you to the ocean floor, but the Blue note serie is even more impressive. The latter with its tones recalls in the mind the intense blue nights that only summer can give.
blue noteFor those who prefer classic and elegant I recommend the Mercer St serie.

Charms, jewels that tell


Giovanni Raspini‘s jewels also know how to immortalize the moments of our lives. There is a charm for every moment, so creating a personalized bracket is not only unique, but also a summary of our lives.

Tattoo Bangle, a bracelet, a way to express yourself

tattoo bangle

The most innovative and a must for this season is the Tattoo Bangle. The new bracelet by Giovanni Raspini is a handmade silver plate that can be customized with motifs or phrases.

On their site you can find many other jewels. I recommend you take a tour, who knows, you might find the next gift!

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