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On Monday evening I went to see “Birdman” at the cinema.

Riggan Thompson is an actor become a celebrity in the role of Birdman, winged and masked superhero. The decline of his career and in the absence of engagements, actor decided to devote himself to theater writing an adaptation of the story by Raymond Carver: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”. So Riggan is a writer, director and actor in this show. The day before preview another actor of the show gets hurt during practice. A substitute will be hired a very famous actor, but by the very nature indomitable.

In history are intertwined fates of daughter Sam who has just detoxified, lover Laura, his former wife, actress and her dream to debut on Broadway, the temper of Mike Shiner and administrative problems of Jake, friend and lawyer Riggan.


We are immersed in the mind of Riggan and his bipolarity. The character seems to be hangs in the balance both for his mental health is to the economic. Will succeed in overcoming the stress of the stage?


This isn’t a light-hearted film, makes us think about what it means to be celebrities, be real actors and as a cultural often not followed by the same fame. It also focuses on the superhero movies and their impact on the audience-actor.

The film has nine Oscar nominations. In my opinion, it is a good movie, definitely worth seeing.

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