DIETORELLE CELEBRATES 40 YEARS: Dietorelle candies change recipe without sacrificing taste.
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0Hello boys and girls!

As you can guess from the name of my site, the candies are my weak point! At the movies I’ve always preferred a mixture of gummy candies to popcorn. But the candies, especially the gums, reminds me of the school’s times when I was eating one after the other on the way back home. I really enjoyed changing the #Dietorelle candy.

The novelty is all in the recipe. In fact, these candies are non-sugary and naturally sweetened with a stevia extract, are rich in fruit juices and do not contain artificial dyes.

A candy with a natural tasty!

There are also several consistencies: gummy, soft, hard stuffed and gelées.

The tastes are also very varied: red fruits, mint, menthol and eucalyptus, citrus fruits, strawberry, red grapefruit … I always choose lemon, my partner prefers strawberry. You should try them .. You will love it!

Additionally, Dietorelle to celebrate her forty years, it launched a new competition in collaboration with the Le Pandorine. By purchasing an envelope or a Dietorelle case you can win one of the 80 Limited Edition handbags signed by Le Pandorine. How to participate? Keep your receipt and find out about Dietorelle’s website if one of the 80 Le Pandorine bags will be yours. You can find here the link. Celebrations do not stop! Throughout the year Dietorelle will continue with new initiatives. I suggest you stay updated following their Facebook page.


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