SuperEva changes dress

SuperEva changes dress: The Supereva site, born in the 90s, has been renewed. A fresh and original restyling!
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Supereva, a site born in the 90s, has become even more social with the new look of the homepage. A really original and innovative item was the introduction, in addition to the classic main menu, of a new emoticon menu that allows you to access the sections: “Lol: laugh laughing”, “Gulp: things not to believe”, “Love : A world of tenderness “, “Wow: something extraordinary”, “Pop: Everyone’s mouth”.


Supereva has revolutionized the world of journalism and especially web editing. The site offers light information and entertainment just following the “social trend“. The content on the homepage of the site is the one that is more real-time read, shared, and spread over the major social networks.


In “trendometro” section we find a ranking of the coolest web topics. Precisely in this section I found this article: “Forget things is synonymous with intelligence, science says.” This article has greatly stimulated my self-esteem, as I am a disturbed professional.

Here it is explained that according to a research carried out by an Anglo-Saxon university who is more disturbed, it also appears to be more flexible and more inclined to learning. So forget no less so much a disadvantage.

On the site there are topics of various kinds ranging from the current, to the stories to “how to do”. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, visit Supereva’s website: #supereva #lol #gulp


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