HiMirror Plus: the intelligent mirror

HiMirror Plus: the intelligent mirror. A true revolution in the field of skin care. Learn more about HiMirror Plus.
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A true revolution in the field of skin care. At CES 2017 we were presented HiMirror Plus.

How is HiMirror Plus

HiMirror Plus is a mirror smart composed of an LCD screen 14 inches and weighs 2.5 kg and integrates camera, motion sensors and software that has the ability to analyze skin imperfections.

How does it work?

One picture is taken each day, and recognized to any imperfections (wrinkles, spots, dark circles, pimples, pores). After careful analysis, the software offers a number of tips and also monitors the progress. The device memory can store the progress of up to six users.

The commands come imparted by a motion sensor that is located in the lower part of the mirror.


In addition, the latest version, HiMirror Plus has a series of lights that recreate five different lighting scenarios: “sunset, outdoors on sunny days, office, shopping center or shops, restaurants or evening party”. You can back up all user information through the encrypted connection with your smartphone. In addition it is possible to scan the product bar code used so that you can get tips on how to use depending on the composition of the product used. HiMirror Plus may well show tutorials or stream music from Spotify and show news updates on the weather with the intensity of UV rays details.

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