Trainwreck: It's a romantic comedy. The protagonist is Amy, a journalist of men's magazine.
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Hello guys! I am here today to talk about the last movie I saw. I don’t always like to choose the super films that remain in the heart, those who are nominated for Oscars. Sometimes I like to choose something lighter and funny, which most likely I won’t watch again. I don’t remember if I’ve already said, but I hate watching more times movies! If I do it, it must be worth.


Yesterday I saw “Trainwreck.” It’s a romantic comedy. The protagonist is Amy, a journalist of men’s magazine. Devoted to parties and with easy drunkenness, Amy went from one man to another doing continuously disasters. In fact, as a child her father had taught her that monogamy isn’t suitable for mankind.

The magazine assigns an interview on Aaron Conners, the sports doctor of the most successful sports. Amy doesn’t have a good judgment on the star system of athletes and therefore she considers badly even their fans. However although Aaron doesn’t represent the classic handsome, he becomes her boyfriend.

The film oscillates between the traits really hilarious and comical to fall then in moments of banal romantic comedy. However it wasn’t too bad and I stole a few laughs. I give it a nice 6 and ½!


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