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On May 31, I has gone to the cinema to see “Maleficent”, a film whose I eagerly expected the release.

When I was a child, Maleficent was the only witch who had the ability to scare me till I cry. Even this new version, I have to admit, made me cry, but for very different reasons.

“Maleficent” revisits the history presenting the character with a feminist glance. She isn’t just a bad witch, insead she is a deeper more complex character. Even if she store up the desire for revenge, she is the bearer of goodness and protection. However, we find an injured woman who doesn’t want to bow before the power of a man, proud and combative in his being.

Maleficent is the protector of the Moors, a kingdom inhabited by fantastic creatures who live happily with the nature. Men’s desire for power and conquest endangers this fantastic world. Maleficent falls in love with Stefan, a young man who secretly would like to ascend to the throne. He cleverly misleads Maleficent cutting and stealing her wings. Angry and disappointed, Maleficent go to the castle for the bith’s celebration of Stefan’s daughter, Aurora. Maleficent places a curse upon her: on the day of her sixteenth birthday, Aurora will prick herself with a spindle and fall asleep; she will only be awakened by the kiss of true love.

Inspired by the movie, I sketched something and this is the result:


Post published on 07/06/2014

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