Kingsman – The Secret Service

"Kingsman - The Secret Service" is a spy story based on a comic book.
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Monday night after witnessing the shooting in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Bari de “The girl of my dreams” with Nicolas Vaporidis and Primo Reggiani, I went to the cinema to see “Kingsman – Secret Service“.

During a mission in the Middle East in 1997 dies a young agent for guilt fellow Harry Hart. He returned to Inghilerra and personally delivered a medal of honor to the widow and the orphan son, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, telling him that if anything will need help can call the phone number written behind the medal.

Seventeen years later, the agent “Lancelot” is killed while trying to save the scientist James Arnold, who is still enraptured by Gazelle and the millionaire ecologist Valentine Richmond. Meanwhile Eggsy got himself in trouble with the law and he calls the number which is located behind the medal he received. His aid runs the agent Harry Hart who proposes to change his life and become a spy. Thus began his training.


However, Eggsy fails to pass all tests to become a Kingsman and so he returns at home. After witnessing the death of Harry Hart, he decides to return to the headquarters of Kingsman and discovers that Chester King, the head of Kindsman, is an accomplice of Valentine. After killing him, along with Roxy, a new Kingsman and “Merlin”, his former instructor, he will try to block the Valentine’s plan.


The film is based on a comic book “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar. It ‘a spy story very funny. It’s excellent interpretation of Colin Firth who is at ease in this action movie.

The history is closed by a frame of two scenes mirrored (see protagonist Colin Firth in the first and in the second Taron Egerton) in which it is emphasized that there are ways define man. The Kingsman are gentlemen, but gentlemen are not born but made.

The most adrenaline scene is skydiving, but the most interesting scene is that in the space.


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