Cinderella: the new film Disney.
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Monday night I went to the cinema to see “Cinderella”. I waited a bit to see it, because it didn’t convince me and I must say that I wasn’t wrong. After ten minutes which was started I wanted to escape from the room. The dialogues were mundane and the acting of the actors was very bad. The story has been taken from the classic Disney.


The two main characters reminded me of Barbie and Ken were so fake. Unlike the fairy godmother with her eccentric was fantastic. Most likely it was the skill of Helena Bonham Carter to give depth to the character.

However the best character and the best performance was that of Cate Blanchett in Lady Tremaine, the stepmother. Very good even if it is not able to overcome in my imagination the thickness that the stepmother had in the cartoon.


All in all the film was watchable, or at least I managed to get to the end. One thing for sure I was sorry to be missing: the cartoon’s funny Gran Duke that has become here a simple good father.


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