Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club is the story of an AIDS patient.
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Last Sunday, I saw “Dallas Buyers Club”. I must see this movie for a long time, but I had a little ‘qualms in seeing him. I knew that was the subject of AIDS and I mistakenly thought that the film was not so light, not to mention a nice meatloaf. I changed my mind.



Ron Woodruff, a worker, discovers after a fight, he had contracted HIV and to be in an advanced stage. He’s only thirty days, but he will not be beaten. Before trying to fit in a trial, but not succeeding, so he corrupts an attendant to get the medicine. However this is not enough and Ron collapses and ends up in the hospital, where they discover who illegally took the medicine, AZT. Hospital knows Rayon, a trans, tossic and HIV positive.




Ron to get AZT goes to Mexico. He discovers that AZT is actually toxic and so some supplements and other alternative medicines are given him. Seeing the benefits, he decides not to put only a personal escort, but also to sell them in the US. In this way he will end to create an association with Rayon suitable for these purposes encountering many difficulties Legal.

The film is inspired by a true story, set in Texas in the years 1985-1988. It is amazing. This is the theme considering the bureaucratic and legal action against those moral and ethical. The Interpretation of Matthew McConaughey is fantastic. This actor that I had only seen in comic films shows here, as in “True Detective”, a great dramatic ability.

It is a must see!

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