Spotlight: It's a film must see!
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After “Spotlight” won at Oscar 2016 the Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay awards I had promised to see it, and so I did.
The film deals with the inquiry in 2001 by The Boston Globe. The newspaper with this inquiry won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003. The inquiry concerned the Archbishop Bernard Francis Law, who was accused of having covered several cases of sexual abuse minors of different priests.


The film is set in 2001 over the fall of the Twin Towers. The new editor Marty Baron, jew, assigns to the journalistic team, “Spotlight” the inquiry.  Initially a few priests were involved, then 70. The case hadn’t only been well covered up by ecclesiastical authority, but also ignored by the media.

The film left me disgusted to say the least. I am not referring to the quality of the film, but to the subject. Throughout the inquiry is presented with the typical hustle and suspense of the journalistic world. It feels fully captured by the story. The four journalists Walter Robinson, Mike Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Matt Carroll become four super heroes who are bringing justice there where the institutions can not reach.


Despite the important subject, the film isn’t just a report of what happened, the characters are also outlined in their personal and sentimental aspects. In proceeding of the story  their introspection grow. The protagonist here isn’t the Church with all its dark side, but it is the journalistic activity: the team activities, the relationship of journalists with the theme, the secrecy of the investigation against the family, dedication to work, the report with religion.

It’s a film must see!

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