Veal stew with honey and almonds

Veal stew with honey and almonds: Try the recipe and tell me what you think!
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Did you happen to find the well-preserved wine? Well, I had the crazy idea after also caught a fantastic bio butcher to prepare this dish. I would say, that if I could eat it a hundred times again! Among the aged wine and the quality of meat, the result was surprising.

Try the recipe and tell me what you think!


Veal stew with honey and almonds

– Ingredients –

  • 600 g of chuck veal 
  • 750 ml of rose wine
  • 60 g of shelled almonds
  • chestnut honey
  • pepper
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

In a saucepan pour a little olive oil and brown the pieces of meat on all sides over high heat.

Then add the wine and let it cook for about an hour over medium heat, covering the pan with a lid.

Remove the lid and cook until the wine is reduced. Add a pinch of salt and a little pepper.

Chop almonds in a mortar. Pour honey into a cup, and then dip the meat, a piece at a time, in honey and then in trite almonds.


Fot this recipe I have had the pleasure of using the meat simply astounding! The meat is of biological origin and has an excellent value for money.

If you want to know more, I refer you to the Facebook page of the butcher ->

As for wine, I used a Librandi Ciro 1992 which in my opinion has been able to exalt the flesh.

Read more about Ciro ->

Learn more about Librandi ->

Here in the picture you can see the products I’ve used.



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