Cocoa ravioli stuffed with gorgonzola

Cocoa ravioli stuffed with gorgonzola: I was very impressed by the Veronica Gastaldo'recipe so I decided to do it again, but instead of farfalline I preferred to try the ravioli.
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I was very impressed by the “Farfalline al cacao con crema al gorgonzola” of Veronica Gastaldo so I decided to redo the recipe, but instead of farfalline I preferred to try the ravioli. Gorgonzola became the stuffing and I accompanied these wonderful ravioli simply with butter. Try it and tell me what you think!

The link of  the Veronica Gastaldo’s recipe of the blog “La mia casa shabby” can be found at the end of the post! Enjoy the reading!!


Cocoa ravioli stuffed with gorgonzola


  • 70 g of cocoa powder


  • 70 g of semolina flour


  • 200 g flour 00


  • 2 medium eggs


  • 250 ml of warm water


  • 200 g Gorgonzola


  • 100 g of butter

Place a mound on the pastry flours together with the cocoa. Add eggs and mix.

Add lukewarm water little by little. Form a loaf of dough is smooth. Knead vigorously at least ten minutes. Then cover with a kitchen towel and let stand 15 minutes.

Cut small pieces of dough and lay them out with a rolling pin into two thin strips.


Then remove with gorgonzola crust and cut into pieces about 1 cm³. Place them on one of the strips of dough to about 2 cm distance.


Posizionare l’altra striscia sopra alla prima e premere sui lati dei ripieni.


Cut with a wavy cutter wheel so as to form squares.


Remove the excess dough. The ravioli are ready for cooking!


Put a saucepan with plenty of water. Bring water to a boil. When it boils pour the ravioli and a pinch of salt. When the ravioli rise to the surface they are ready (about 2 minutes) to be drained.

Meanwhile, melt the butter in a saucepan to dress the ravioli after cooked.


Read more on the original Veronica Gastaldo’s recipe, visit her blog “La mia casa shabby”:


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