Insurgent: the second chapter of Divergent saga.
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I had already seen the first chapter of the saga, “Divergent”, I liked it. It was not a great film, but overall it was not bad. So I decided to see “Insurgent”. In this second part of the Dauntlesses are divided between those who support the Erudites and Jeanine and who the Divergent. Tris and Four are well on the run support before looking in the Amity and then in the Candor. The film continues with the search of Jeanine for a pure divergent who successfully pass the tests of all factions, in order to open a box left by the ancestors. It turns out that Tris is the very divergent in question-and-shoot that way a fight between the Dauntless backed the Factionless and Scholars. Tris able to open the box and the content will change the foundation of this society.


The film from the first I found it a little overwhelming, silly and corny. The love story between Four and Tris is too dominant and especially the kiss between the protagonists seem put there just because they needed a passionate scene. The film is much action, but there is nothing exceptional. The story in a whole I do not mind and I plan to read books.


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