The last month

The last month: did you miss me? Come and find out what happened last month and my last outfit.
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Hello girls and boys!

How are you? Did you miss me? Last month many things have happened.

First of all, after so many years, I graduated. The satisfaction was enormous. For me it was a ransom. Several people close to me, had demoralized me, leaving me to believe that this was not my way. However I persevered and I reached my goal. My idea is that when you want something, you should never give up and we must continue to engage in spite of everything and everyone. Just so you get the real success stories!

The degree provides a point at a time in my life. Now I am projected into the world of work as a fish out of water in search of his destiny. I am confident and I know that my future goals are there just waiting to be realized.

In this month I went to Lucca Comics and Games together with the publishing house Hyppostyle. This event I found it much changed. The organization was really better. The whole show was divided by areas of interest, and this allowed for Exhibitors of the publishing houses to speak more quietly with truly interested customers. It was nice to see that there are many fans who had bought some comic Hyppostyle the year before and they came to look for more. Some were looking for the next comic, to know whether a particular story continued with another adventure. Stay across the stand is not easy: you always have to be polite, with a smile even if your feet have become the bagpipes since you’re standing for almost 10 hours, you have to explain to buyers the pros and cons of the product, you have to do arithmetic, etc. The greatest support in all this was the Hyppostyle staff who made every memorable and enjoyable time.

Now below I show you the latest pictures I took. Take a look and tell me what you think!  😉 1








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