Perfect face in 3 steps

Perfect face in 3 steps: cover imperfections, creating a play of light and shadows flawless.
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Every morning it’s the same story. You wake up, you look in the mirror and you want to scream. Your bags and not the ones you have in closet remind you of your early hours, your dark circles tell you that in fact you are a panda and no longer endangered. In the meantime, you think of all those women who appear in movies such as fresh roses and all already rigged. In my view realistically impossible! If I go to bed with makeup the next day I see the shroud of my face on the pillow.

For making myself acceptable tried to figure out how to use the bronzer, blush and highlighter. The foundation and powder give a flat base complexion, while these three allies cover imperfections and enhance the strengths.


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It start by contouring and thus by the dark shades.


You create a line that follows the contours of the face, then spread out the dark shades under the cheekbones, the sides of the nose and slightly below the mouth.


Light shades extend over the central part of the forehead, the eyebrow arch, the center of the nose and over his mouth. I also recommend in the central area of the chin.


It then moves to the blush that goes out on the highest part of the cheek, as seen in the picture below.



This way you have given uniformity and three-dimensionality to the face, recreating the just points of light and shadow.


The light and dark shades can be both cream and powder, so if you prefer not to use a foundation base and then illuminating and bronzer, you can opt for two shades of foundation.

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