Abbi cura di splendere

Abbi cura di splendere: a fresh, young and moving bildungsroman novel. Great for a summer reading!
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Hi girls and boys! How are you?

At the end of last year I spent a bit of a gloomy time in my life, fortunately I came out very well. I owe a lot to Ludovica Bizzaglia. I started following her on Instagram and her positivity, her way of seeing life, helped me a lot. I realized that we must believe in our dreams and work hard to achieve our goals. Yes, I found the charge to still believe in me. As soon as I heard that her book was coming out, I ordered it on Amazon and obviously read it.

Abbi cura di splendere

Title: Abbi cura di splendere

Author: Ludovica Bizzaglia

Publishing House: Dea Planeta

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 256

Release date: April 30th 2019

Paper price: € 16.00 Amazon Link purchase


There is only one place where Luce feels truly free: facing the sea. It is there, on the big beach a few kilometers from Rome, that you can observe the world and capture unforgettable moments with the camera always hanging around your neck. That’s where she can think about who he really wants to be, not who she should be. Because Luce knows that everyone, really everybody, expects something from her: her mother who is facing a nightmare, her boyfriend who has never known how to listen, and even her friends who can’t do without her .

But Luce’s head is full of dreams, dreams that she can’t and won’t give up. She is the kind of person who stops at nothing, who takes her life in fists, and who often gets hurt. Thus, when destiny puts her on the spot, Luce must make a choice. Surrender or keep fighting to find her own way. At her side, a mysterious boy met on the beach on a cold early-spring afternoon, Vit, from whom Luce will learn that every dream has a price. It will be her responsibility to find the courage to pay it.

The debut novel by the actress and Instagram star Ludovica Bizzaglia: a story in which the real protagonist is the girl power, a book that speaks straight to the hearts of the girls and tells with extraordinary honesty what it means to be a woman today.

Ludovica Bizzaglia

Ludovica Bizzaglia was born in Rome in 1996. In 2005, when she was very young, she made her TV debut and quickly established herself in the world of cinema. Today she is a leading actress in successful fiction for Rai and Mediaset. With over 730,000 followers on Instagram, Ludovica is the testimonial of Italian and international campaigns. Socially active and committed, she is a spokeswoman for strong messages focusing on girl power. Take care to shine it’s her debut novel, a story of girls who talks to girls.


“Abbi cura di splendere” tells the story of Luce, a last year high school girl. Luce lives in Rome with her mother Penelope. Luce loves photography very much and for this reason she is waiting for the end of school to take part in a workshop in London, even though her boyfriend Matteo does not seem very convinced about letting her go to London and would prefer that she continue with some courses in Rome. However Matteo does not give her much attention, because he is too involved in the rugby training and championship.

Luce relies on her friends Fil, Alma and Zoe. The last high school is already difficult for Lulli becomes even more complicated as it starts to be bullied after defending Fil from the harassment of Virginia and her friends. In defending Fil, Luce breaks Virginia’s iPhone X and unfortunately has to give up the workshop in London to repay it.

Meanwhile, the mother confides to her that she is suffering from cancer and will therefore have to undergo treatment and surgery. Lulli seeks refuge and comfort in a boy that meets on the beach in Fregene, Vit, a student in the first year of Philosophy.

“When your life really messes up you end up giving a different weight to every day, also because you feel the urge to look to the future”

Virginia and her friends take pictures of her while she is with Vit and this makes the relationship with Matteo come to an end. The year continues with a thousand problems, but Penelope passes the operation well, calmly faces maturity. Through Vit, she is offered to exhibit her photographs, Lulli gladly accepts. During the exhibition, Antoine, the gallery owner, offers her an internship in Brazil for the summer where she will accompany another photographer for a report for a non-governmental organization. Despite everything, Lulli manages to find a positive outlet for his summer.

“Life can slap you, it can take away what you have most important, it can make fun of you and put you against everyone, but it can never decide who you are.”


The story is simple and very smooth, perhaps a little too predictable. This is a novel for teenager, even if it deals with important and certainly training topics. Lulli is still a growing girl who is leaving adolescence to face the adult world. The topics dealt with are different: starting from the bullying of which I am the victim Lulli and his friends; to homophobia, as Fil is homosexual; to cancer that affects the mother; to the vision of the foreigner and the way of thinking of another culture, Alma is in fact Muslim.

The clearly positive trend leads us to accept ourselves for what we are and to believe in our dreams.

Rating: 7/10

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