Degree and its bases

Degree and its bases: Degree isn't just the increase in your culture, but have shown that to possess much more.
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Hi guys! How are you?

It is a bit that I don’t write. I apologize, but lately I am very busy with the university.

The study is taking me completely, and I’m trying to connect less to avoid distractions. I would try to graduate within the year.

The last exams are the tougher, but not for real complexity. It miss all the excitement of the beginning. Going forward in the course of study, they disappear all the expectations that you had done, your interests specialize and you wonder why you joined.

I think a degree doesn’t mean only increasing your culture in a particular field, but have shown that to possess costancy, tenacity and courage. Constancy is the one that leads you every day to open the book without being overwhelmed by boredom. Although towards the end you feel a machine that needs to repeat the same actions. And here it comes in the tenacity. Tenacity makes you resist as the rocks under the weather. Anything can happen around you, but our goal is there balance. However sometimes the anxiety plays tricks and you begin to feel insecure. Courage helps you to prove yourself and to remind you that you aren’t machines, and you think you can do it!

Yes, a college degree is all this surrounded by a lot of study. If you want to follow more in detail my story, I found on Snapchat as rossellafriggione.

Below I show one of my last outfit. Take a look and tell me what you think! 😀








Parka: Koton

Sweater: Bershka

Dress: Tally Weijl

Shoes: Sibille



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