I’ll Take New York

I'll Take New York: Bea and Jake say enough to love, but the city of New York has other plans for them.
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Hi girls and boys! How are you? Today I talk about one of the last books I read, or “I’ll Take New York” by Miranda Dickinson. Miranda Dickinson born in the West Midlands, now lives in England. She works as a copywriter, collaborates with various magazines and websites. Her books have been translated into seven languages. Her blog is www.coffeeandroses.blogspot.com.

I’ll Take New York

“I’ll Take New York” is a book that I liked, it’s easy to read and very smooth.


“I’ll Take New York” tells of Bea James, a young woman who left England and moved to the city she loves, New York. In this city she opened a small library in Brooklyn.

The other protagonist is Jake Streinmann, a psychiatrist who moved to New York from San Francisco after his marriage ended. Bea also leaves a relationship with a boy named Otis who is having to leave, given the little attention he devotes to her.

Bea and Jake meet at an engagement party and a great feeling and a serene friendship is immediately born between them. The two decide to make a pact, not to get engaged anymore, to put aside love given all the problems they had, at the beginning the pact does not seem to be a problem, but then the story gets complicated. Almost weekly, they decide to visit New York through the eyes of the other, going to their favorite places. Their friendship becomes ever closer and a feeling is born, but the pact prevents them from revealing their feelings.

Things get complicated, Jake’s ex-wife Jess regrets taking the divorce case and wants to cancel everything. Meanwhile Otis tries to recapture Bea and asks her to marry him and she accepts, thinking that Jake is not interested in her and Otis deserves a second chance.

However, Bea at her engagement party realizes that she is wrong, that Otis is not the man of her life. After various adventures, Bea and Jake can express their feelings and get together.


The story continues with a chapter told from the point of view of Bea and a chapter told from the point of view of Jake. Right from the start we understand that what is between Bea and Jake is not just friendship, but something more, but sometimes the past clouds the decisions to be made.

It is interesting to read the letters and email that Bea exchanges with her 90-year-old grandmother who is on the other side of the ocean, where they talk about love and lived experiences. Even her grandmother, like Bea, is a bookseller and she was the one who conveyed her love for books.

This is a love story with flakes. The book I liked, for me on a scale of 1 and 10, is a 7. I would not include it among my favorite books, as it is very predictable and the characters are not very thorough, but if you want something romantic, this it’s the right book. It’s a nice book to read this year under the umbrella.

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