Savory crêpes

Savory crêpes: few ingredients and little time, the savory crêpes are thin pancake that can be filled in many ways!
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Hello guys! You can not imagine how I am happy it started October!  Did you happen not to have a good time, when everything you touch creates an irreparable problem in a short time? Well, I came into this cicle, so if you can call it.

Lately I happen all kinds of things! Some exams did not go, I was not well physically, they have dented the car. There’s more! To top it off I dropped the keys of the house entering the elevator into the gap between the inside of the elevator and the floor.

But most comical is whole. Thursday night in fact I went to the cinema and out of the room at the end of the film I took off eyeglasses. Let’s say it out of habit! I prefer to see myself without glasses.

So I put them in the bag. Back home, already in my pajamas, I was looking for them to see me on my show. In the bag there were no! Disaster! I lost them in the movies! I dressed in a hurry even if I had floated the idea of putting only the shoes and go down quietly in his pajamas. In my car there are no. They will definitely slipped in cinemas and now will be on the ground in the room rather too squashed. Ok, I’m finished!

I reach with my boyfriend his car because with that we went to the movies. Well, here, the adrenaline goes down and find my glasses.

So it is now back at home in that I lose the keys. Something I had to lose it! In fact I’m still looking for my head!

All this of course is nothing irreparable! 😉 Keys I can recover them and then my roommate was still in rem and are unable to enter.

But sooner or later, everything goes! Even the bad luck!

Now enjoy this recipe!


Savory crêpes


  • 250 g flour 00
  • 4 eggs
  • 500 ml of milk
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

In a bowl break the eggs and beat with the flour with the help of a whisk or failing with a fork.

Then continuing to mix, add four pinches of salt and a little milk at a time in such a way as not to create lumps.

With a towel soaked in oil to grease a nonstick pan large enough (∅ 25 cm) and pour the mixture.

After one or two minutes the dough creates bubbles and with the help of a spatula turn the crêpe.

As the pancakes are ready, place them on each other in a dish.


What are you waiting for? Go try them !! However with the recipe that I wrote above you can make six crepes, so it’s a good excuse to invite friends!  😀 


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