Inside Out

Inside out: the new animated film from Pixar distributed by Disney.
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Last week I went to the cinema to see “Insite Out”. At first I was a bit hesitant, because the trailer did not persuade me at all. The film is about a young girl, Riley, an adolescent of eleven. But history is told not from Riley but by his emotions. Here his emotions are personified in Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear.



That said, the behavior of the character would depend largely on the management of these emotions. They are located inside Riley and control his memories as if they were in a department store and not in the brain. The memories have a material substance, are the colored balls according to the emotion that is predominant.

At one point, the character is losing his memories basis, that is, those memories that constitute the beginning of his personality. Right now it enters the dualism Joy-Sadness and who really should be the guide of the character. Since the end of Riley’s childhood Joy was responsible for managing her life. Sadness is instead now increasingly present. Before Joy tries to limit its intervention then only at the end it will share its space with other emotions.

In short, here it is analyzed the transition from childhood to adolescence. It also entails the abandonment of the fairy world and full of joy characteristic of childhood, toward a more conscious approach to life, where everything is not always as we would like.

It is also emphasized the importance that has sadness in the life of a person, in particular in the ability to lead to catharsis and create in this way a new stimulus. What looks like a simple animated film for children, it hides a real study of psychology. I would say that is a film more for adults than for children. Certainly not a movie that makes die with laughter. It is a nice comedy that has the turning point in moving from Minnesota to San Fransisco resulting in denial of Riley and a happy ending with the acceptance of reality by the girl and a reconciliation.

Final vote? 7!

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